Yoga Holidays & Retreats with Debbie Avani & Clare Harford

Earth Day Yoga Retreats

A time to step back from the fast pace of life and duties - to immerse yourself in Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, Sacred fires, Ritual and Intention setting to align with the energy of the Summer & Winter Solstice and also the Spring & Autumn Equinox

It is said that by observing these festivals we create opportunities for participation in a continuous on going cyclical process. And that through ceremony we can connect to our innermost feelings, awareness and needs. Through ceremony we can consciously seek the direction we wish to go, bringing our physical and spiritual lives into balance - helping us to connect to our intuition, inner wisdom and personal power.

Winter Solstice Sacred Site Tour - 14th to 15th December 2018

Stonehenge & Avebury

Deep within the earth and ourselves roots have been growing, bringing stability. The outer world has darkened so that the inner realms can expand. During this retreat we will begin to explore and bring our inner wisdom out of the dark unconscious, to grow with the increasing light. Now is the time to birth our visions, name our dreams and make our resolutions for the coming months.

Over night stay 14th December 2018 near Stonehenge
Experience the sunrise with the stones in the Inner Circle of Stonehenge and then onto Avebury in the footsteps of our ancestors. 

Guided by Debbie Avani and Clare Harford

This is a self drive tour and includes:
  • an evening meal and overnight stay near to Stonehenge
  • inner Stone Circle Access to Stonehenge for Sunrise
  • all rituals, ceremonies, meditations and sacred site information.


Pay just £65 today to hold your place. 

To pay the balance you will be sent an request via email to pay via bank transfer.